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The electricity mainly refers to the power transmission, power transformation, and power distribution of the electric energy. The power transmission refers to the long-distance transmission of electrical energy from a power station to a power load center. The power transformation refers to changing the AC voltage through a transformer. The power distribution refers to distributing electrical energy to the electrical equipment of users. The power system is composed of power transmission system, power distribution system, power station and users' electrical equipment. All power transmission equipment is connected to form a power power transmission system. All power distribution equipment is connected to form a power distribution system. The distribution system consists of distribution substations (reducing the transmission voltage of the grid to distribution voltage), high-voltage distribution lines (above 1kV), distribution transformers, and low-voltage distribution lines (below 1 kV) and the corresponding control and protection equipment. The electrical devices mainly include circuit breakers, fuse protectors, switch cabinets, and substations.

Circuit Breaker img

Circuit Breaker -- refers to electrical equipment that can switch circuits and protect electrical equipment from damage due to overload or overcurrent....

Fuse Protector img

Fuse Protector -- refers to disposable electrical equipment that can protect electrical equipment from damage due to overload or overcurrent....

Switch Cabinet img

Switch Cabinet -- refers to electrical device that opens, closes, controls, and protects electrical equipment in the power system....

Substation img

Substation -- refers to electrical device that integrates the functions of receiving electric energy, power transformation, and power distribution....

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