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Y Series
Porcelain Insulation Arrester

Y Series Porcelain Insulation Arrester


Y Series uses zinc oxide resistors as its core components, so compared with traditional silicon carbide arresters, it has good volt-ampere characteristics and voltage current capacity, which can effectively protect the electrical equipment of the AC power system from atmospheric overvoltage and excessive operation. voltage damage.

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Basic Parameters

Cover material: porcelain

Core material: Zinc Oxide

Nominal system voltage: 66KV, 50Hz

Arrester rated voltage: 60KV

Maximum continuous operating voltage (MCOV): 48KV

Nominal discharge current (8/20ms): 10KA

Line discharge level (IEC60099-4): Ⅱ

Maximum nominal participation voltage: 156KV

Basic impulse insulation level (BIL): 400KV

Power frequency tolerance: 185KV

Creepage distance of house: >1900mm

Ambient temperature: -40℃~40℃

The altitude does not exceed: ≤1000m (customers in plateau areas can consult and order)

Maximum wind speed: ≤35m/s

Earthquake intensity: ≤7 degrees

Scope of application: power distribution systems, power stations, capacitor banks, distribution lines, railways, generators, motors, fully enclosed electrical appliances, oil-immersed electrical appliances


Implement GB11032-2000, IEC60099-4, IEEE.C62.11 technical standards.

Anti-fouling and plateau versions are available.

* If you need to customize according to your special needs, please contact us.

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