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LW5-12 Series
Outdoor Sulfur Hexafluoride Circuit Breaker

LW5-12 Series Outdoor Sulfur Hexafluoride Circuit Breaker


LW5-12 Series Outdoor Sulfur Hexafluoride Circuit Breaker (SF6CB) is a new generation product developed by our company, which has the advantages of compact structure, reasonable layout and complete functions. All indicators of this SF6 circuit breaker meet the requirements of the State Grid for circuit breakers, and have passed the special inspection of the circuit breaker of China Electric Power Research Institute Co., Ltd. LW5-12 series circuit breaker adopts three-phase protective current transformer, zero sequence current transformer and zero sequence voltage sensor with uniform parameters, and it has the characteristics of wide measurement range, high measurement accuracy, and high reliability. This circuit breaker can also be used together with the circuit breaker controller to quickly and accurately determine various faults in the line.

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Basic Parameters

Rated voltage: 12KV

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Rated normal current: 630A

Rated short-circuit breaking current: 20KA

Rated short-time withstand time: 4s

Rated short-time withstand current: 20KA

Rated peak withstand current: 50A

Rated cable charging current: 25A

Rated operating sequence: O -- 0.3s CO -- 180s -- CO

Rated working pressure, gauge (at 20 ℃ ): 0.35Mpa

Minimum working pressure, gauge (at 20 ℃ ): 0.25Mpa

Mechanical lifetime: 10000 Times

Annual leakage rate of SF6 gas: ≤0.05%

Rated operating voltage: 24VDC

Application Environment

Ambient temperature: -40℃~+40℃

Altitude: ≤2000m

Wind pressure: ≤700Pa (that is, wind speed ≤34m/s)

Air pollution level: Level IV

The surrounding air is allowed to be polluted by dust, smoke, corrosive gas, steam or salt spray.

Vibrations from outside the switchgear and control equipment can be ignored.

The amplitude of electromagnetic interference induced in the secondary system should not exceed 1.10kV.

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