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KB Series, KU Series, KS Series
High-voltage Fuse Protector

KB Series, KU Series, KS Series High-voltage Fuse Protector


KB Series, KU Series, KS Series high-voltage fuses are suitable for 11~36KV drop-out type high-voltage fuses. Implement the IEC-282 standard. According to the appearance, KB Series, KU Series, KS Series can be divided into ordinary type, universal type, screw type.

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Basic Parameters

Rated current range (A): 1~200


By drawing high-purity silver, silver-copper alloy, and nickel-chromium alloys and other materials with precision molds, and checking the accuracy of their cross-sections through a laser micrometer, cracks, shrinkage, and kinks can be effectively avoided and effectively guaranteed accuracy of time-current characteristics.

The high-strength tensioning wire is used, so that the fuse is not affected by aging, vibration, and high current impact.

When part of the fuses in the three-phase circuit is blown, only the corresponding fuses need to be replaced in the future, and there is no need to replace the entire fuse.

With excellent fault initiation capability, it can effectively protect the transformer.

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