GCK Series
Low Voltage Draw-out Switch Cabinet

GCK Series Cover


GCK Series Low Voltage Draw-out Switch Cabinet is suitable for power distribution systems with a voltage of 660VAC (50Hz) and a current of 3150A. GCK series consists of a power distribution center cabinet (PC) and a motor control center cabinet (MCC). GCK series has the advantages of high breaking capacity, good dynamic and thermal stability, advanced and reasonable structure, practical electrical scheme, small footprint, strong versatility, beautiful appearance, high protection level, safety and reliability, and convenient maintenance. GCK series can combine units arbitrarily according to various schemes, and one cabinet can accommodate multiple circuits. GCK series is suitable for power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises and other fields, and can be used for power conversion and distribution control of power distribution equipment, motor control equipment and lighting equipment.

How to order

GCK Series How to order

Application environment

● Ambient temperature: -5℃~+40℃, the average value of 24h does not exceed +35℃;

● Altitude: ≤2000m;

● Relative humidity: monthly average ≤90% (the average temperature of the month is +25℃); relative humidity ≤50% (when the ambient temperature is +40℃). The relative humidity is related to the ambient temperature. The lower the ambient temperature, the higher the allowable relative humidity. For condensation caused by temperature changes, take appropriate protective measures (such as adding drainage holes);

● Transportation temperature: -25℃~+55℃, the average value of 24h does not exceed +70℃;

● Installation site: no severe impact, no serious pollution and chemical corrosion, no conductive dust or explosion hazard. Should prevent rain and moisture.

Technical data-sheet

GCK Series Technical data-sheet

Appearance and mounting dimensions

Indoor installation and busbar bridge specifications:

GCK Series Appearance and mounting dimensions 1

Installation dimensions:

GCK Series Appearance and mounting dimensions 2

Installation Precautions:

● When installing the cabinet, the horizontal busbar among the cabinets should be connected firmly and reliably.

● The door of the cabinet has an interlock function with the main switch, that is, the door can be opened only when the power is cut off. The other side of the switch cabinet is a screw sealing plate, which has no interlocking function with the main switch. Therefore, before disassembling the side plate of this product for maintenance, be sure to disconnect the power supply.

● Non-professionals are not allowed to open the cabinet for maintenance and repair.

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