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ZW32-12 Series
Outdoor High-voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW32-12 Series Outdoor High-voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker


ZW32-12 Series Outdoor High-voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker (HVCB) is an outdoor power distribution equipment with a rated voltage of three-phase 12kVAC/50Hz, which is mainly used to open and close the load current, overload current and short-circuit current in the power system. ZW32-12 series circuit breaker has the advantages of small size, light weight, anti-condensation, and maintenance-free, and can adapt to harsher climatic conditions and dirty environments. ZW32-12 series vacuum circuit breakers are widely used in the protection and control of power distribution systems in substations or in industrial and mining enterprises, as well as the frequent operation of rural power grids, etc.

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Basic Parameters

Rated voltage: 12KV

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Rated normal current: 630A; 1250A

Rated short-circuit breaking current: 20KA; 25KA; 31.5KA

Rated dynamic stability current (peak): 50KA

Rated short-circuit withstand current: 20KA

Rated making current (peak): 50KA

Mechanical lifetime: 10000 Times

Rated short-circuit current breaking times: ≥30KV

Application Environment

Ambient temperature: -40℃ ~ +40℃

Altitude: ≤2000m, If used for more than 2000m, please consult with us

Wind pressure: ≤700Pa (that is, wind speed ≤34m/s)

Relative humidity: daily average ≤95%, monthly average ≤90%

Air pollution level: Level Ⅲ

The surrounding air should not be significantly polluted by corrosive gas, combustible gas, water vapor, etc.

No frequent severe vibration.

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