ZW20-12 Series
Outdoor High-voltage Demarcation Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW20-12 Series Cover


ZW20-12 Series Outdoor AC High Voltage Demarcation Vacuum Circuit Breaker (HDVCB) is an outdoor power distribution equipment with a rated voltage of three-phase 12kVAC/50Hz, which is mainly used to open and close the load current, overload current and short-circuit current in the power system. This circuit breaker adopts a mature box-type sealing structure and is filled with SF6 gas as an insulating medium, which has the advantages of good sealing performance, not affected by the external environment, and maintenance-free. ZW20-12 Series circuit breaker can meet the requirements of the electrical automation system if working together with the controller, and can reliably and effectively complete the traditional recloser function. The spring operating mechanism of this circuit breaker adopts a direct-acting chain main drive and a multi-stage tripping system, and its action performance is safe and reliable. ZW20-12 series vacuum circuit breakers are widely used in the protection and control of power distribution systems in substations or in industrial and mining enterprises, and are especially suitable for places with frequent operations and urban & rural automated power distribution networks.

How to order

ZW20-12 Series How to order

Application environment

● Ambient temperature: -30℃~+40℃;

● Altitude: ≤2000m;

● Wind pressure: ≤700Pa (that is, wind speed ≤34m/s);

● Air pollution level: Level Ⅲ;

● The surrounding air is allowed to be polluted by dust, smoke, corrosive gas, steam or salt spray;

● No frequent severe vibration.

Technical data-sheet

ZW20-12 Series Technical data-sheet

Appearance and mounting dimensions

ZW20-12 Series Appearance and mounting dimensions

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