ZGS11-12 Series Cover


ZGS11-12 series American Outdoor Prefabricated Transformer Substation has the advantages of small size, easy installation and maintenance, low noise, low loss, anti-theft, full protection, and strong overload capacity. The ZGS11-12 series can be used as power transformation, metering, compensation control and protection device in the 10kV ring main power supply, dual power supply or terminal power supply system , and is widely used in the residential area, green belts, parks, stations, construction sites, airports and other places. The ZGS11-12 series meet the following standards: GB17467 "High-voltage/low-voltage Prefabricated Substation", DL/T537 "High-voltage/low-voltage Prefabricated Cubicle Substation Selection Guide".

How to order

ZGS11-12 Series How to order

Application environment

● Ambient temperature: -35℃~+40℃;

● Altitude: ≤1000m;

● Relative humidity: daily average ≤95%, monthly average ≤90%;

● Installation site: no fire, no explosion hazard, no chemically corrosive gas, well ventilation, and the inclination of the ground is not more than 3°.

Technical data-sheet

ZGS11-12 Technical data-sheet

Appearance and mounting dimensions

ZGS11-12 Series Appearance and mounting dimensions

Know before ordering

Please provide the following information before ordering:

  1. Provide product ordering drawings, and there should be a wiring diagram in the ordering drawing, and should indicate the transformer capacity, main component models and specifications, power distribution branch circuit and its capacity;
  2. When electric energy metering and reactive power automatic compensation devices are required, the configuration requirements for metering watt-hour meters and instrument transformers should be provided, and the capacity of compensation capacitors should be indicated;
  3. Indicate the requirements of product surface treatment;
  4. Please specify terminal type or ring type when ordering combined transformers.

Appearance gallery

ZGS11-12 Series Appearance gallery