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ZGR Series, RW Series
Drop-out Type High-voltage Fuse Protector

ZGR Series, RW Series Drop-out Type High-voltage Fuse Protector


ZGR Series, RW Series are outdoor high-voltage fuses, usually installed on the high-voltage side of distribution transformers or distribution branch lines, for short-circuit and overload protection of high-voltage transformers and lines. When a circuit fault occurs, the fuse blows quickly, creating an arc. The arc suppression tube is heated by the electric arc, and a large amount of gas is generated. At this time, a huge pressure is generated in the tube, and it is blown vertically along the pipeline stroke, so that the arc is quickly elongated and extinguished. After the fuse is blown, the lower moving contact loses tension and turns down, and the locking mechanism releases the fuse tube, causing the fuse tube to drop, forming an obvious breaking gap.

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Basic Parameters

Working method: jet

Placement: outdoors

Applicable objects: high voltage transformers and lines

Rated voltage (KV): 12, 15, 24, 33

Rated current (A): 100, 200

Rated breaking current (KA): 10, 12


Using the latest insulation optimization design, it can effectively reduce energy consumption during operation.

It can effectively eliminate the strong arc light and the huge explosion sound of short circuit breaking.

After breaking, there is a clear breaking gap, which is convenient for inspection.

Able to adapt to climate change in a variety of environments.

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