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TBB Series
High Voltage Shunt Capacitor Compensation Switchgear

TBB Series High Voltage Shunt Capacitor Compensation Switchgear


TBB Series High Voltage Shunt Capacitor Compensation Switchgear are suitable for power systems with a voltage of 10kV (50Hz). TBB series are mainly composed of reactor cabinet, discharge cabinet and capacitor cabinet. TBB series can improve the power factor and adjust the network voltage, thereby increasing the active output of the power supply equipment and reducing the line loss. TBB series can run for a long time under 1.1 times the rated voltage. When the root mean square value does not exceed 1.3Un, TBB series can operate continuously under rated frequency, rated sinusoidal voltage and current generated by no transition state. TBB series is equipped with protections such as overcurrent, overvoltage, and undervoltage. TBB series protect capacitors by adding fuses and relays. TBB series applies GB50227-1995 and JB711-1993 standards.

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The structure of the device is divided into two types: cabinet type and assembly type. The assembly type can be divided into the non-complete disassembly type and the complete disassembly type. The cabinet type is installed in the factory first, then the components are removed, numbered, shipped to the site, and assembled according to the drawings. The non-complete disassembly type is used indoors and has the advantage of convenient transportation. The complete disassembly type is used outdoors and has the advantage of convenient hot-dip galvanizing.

The main function of the reactor cabinet is to limit the closing inrush current and suppress harmonics. When limiting the closing inrush current, XL=(0.1~1)% XC; when suppressing harmonics above 5th order, XL=(5~6)% XC; when suppressing harmonics above 3rd order, XL=(12~13) % XC.

The discharge cabinet is mainly composed of a discharge coil or a voltage transformer, a zinc oxide arrester and a grounding isolation switch. The discharge coil is connected in parallel with the capacitor bank. When the capacitor bank is disconnected from the power supply, its discharge performance reduces the residual voltage on the capacitor bank from the peak value of the rated voltage to below 50V within 5s. The metal zinc oxide arrester is used to limit the operating overvoltage caused by switching the capacitor bank. The grounding isolating switch is used for the grounding of the busbar during power outage maintenance. The above configuration can be adjusted according to user requirements. If the line connection mode is double star, the capacitor cabinet should be a double-row or double-layer structure, and an additional current transformer should be installed in the cabinet.

The capacitor cabinet is mainly composed of a fuse and a capacitor. When the internal breakdown of the capacitor reaches 50% to 70%, the fuse is blown and the faulty capacitor is separated from the power circuit to prevent the expansion of the accident.

The collective shunt capacitor device mainly combines collective capacitors, discharge coils, lightning arresters, grounding switches, reactors, etc. The collective capacitor consists of a suitable number of single capacitors with internal fuses installed in a full insulated box. The box is equipped with a pressure release valve and a temperature controller with alarm and trip contacts. It has the advantages of less floor space, easy installation, and convenient operation and maintenance.

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