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JZW1 Series
Intelligent Universal Circuit Breaker

JZW1 Series Intelligent Universal Circuit Breaker


JZW1 Series Intelligent Universal Circuit Breaker is a kind of Air Circuit Breaker(ACB), which is suitable for distribution networks with a rated voltage of 400VAC/690VAC (50Hz) and a rated current of 400A~6300A. JZW1 series circuit breakers are mainly used to distribute electric energy and protect circuits and power equipment from overload, under-voltage, short circuit, single-phase grounding and other faults. JZW1 series circuit breakers have intelligent protection functions, which can improve the reliability of power supply and avoid unnecessary power outages. JZW1 series circuit breaker also has an open communication interface, which can carry out "four remotes" (remote measurement, remote signaling, remote control, remote adjustment) to meet the requirements of the control center and automation system. JZW1 series circuit breakers have a pulse withstand voltage of 8000V at an altitude of 2000 meters (different altitudes are corrected according to standards, and the maximum does not exceed 12000V). If there is no intelligent controller and sensor, the JZW1 series circuit breaker can be used as an isolator. JZW1 series circuit breakers meet the GB14048.2-2008 standard.

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Basic Parameters

Rated Current (A): (400), 630, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 2900, 3200,3600, 4000, 5000, 6300

Rated working voltage Ue: 400VAC; 690VAC

Rated working frequency: 50Hz

Rated insulation voltage Ui: 1000V

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp: 8000V

Power frequency withstand voltage U: 3500V/1min

Number of poles: 3P; 4P

N pole rated current ln: 50%In (Default); 100%In

Number of operating cycles per hour: 25~30 Times

Closing time: Max 70ms

Arcing distance: 0mm

Application Environment

Altitude: ≤2000m

Ingress Protection Ratings: IP30

Air pollution level: Level Ⅲ

Usage category: Class B

Ambient temperature: -5℃~+40℃, the average value of 24h does not exceed +35℃. If the circuit breaker works in an environment where the temperature is higher than +40°C or lower than -5°C, please contact us.

Relative humidity: monthly average ≤90% (the average temperature of the month is +25℃); relative humidity ≤50% (when the ambient temperature is +40℃). The relative humidity is related to the ambient temperature. The lower the ambient temperature, the higher the allowable relative humidity. For condensation caused by temperature changes, take appropriate protective measures (such as adding drainage holes).

Installation category: the installation category of the main circuit of the circuit breaker, the under-voltage release, and the primary coil of the power transformer is Ⅳ, and the installation category of the auxiliary circuit and control circuit is Ⅲ.

Installation site: no severe impact, no serious pollution and chemical corrosion, no conductive dust or explosion hazard. And the vertical inclination of the circuit breaker cannot exceed 5° (the inclination of the mine circuit breaker cannot exceed 15°).

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