HXGN17-12 Series
Metal-enclosed Ring Main Unit Switchgear

HXGN17-12 Series Cover


XGN66-12 Series Metal-enclosed Ring Main Unit Switchgear is suitable for power systems with a voltage of 12kVAC (50Hz). XGN15-12 series has the advantages of simple structure, flexible operation, reliable interlock, convenient installation, etc. It is especially suitable for places such as small secondary substations, switching stations, power distributions, urban residential areas, industrial/mining enterprises, shopping malls, airports, subways, wind power generations, hospitals, stadiums, and railways.

How to order

HXGN17-12 Series How to order


● The switchgear adopts a assembled structure, which is light and beautiful, and can be installed in any combination, which is convenient for unlimited expansion.

● The switchgear can be equipped with FN12-12 type compressed air load switch and combined electrical appliances, and can also be equipped with FZN25-12 type vacuum load switch and combined electrical appliances. Small size, maintenance-free, three-phase linkage structure, with obvious isolation fracture.

● Load switches and combined electrical appliances can be installed flexibly, and can be installed on the left or right sides, upright or upside down (FZN25 cannot be upside down).

● The switchgear can be operated manually and electrically, and can have remote remote control function.

● Equipped with complete and reliable mechanical linkage and interlocking devices, which fully achieve the "five level protection" function.

● When the load switch is closed, the grounding switch cannot be closed and the front door cannot be opened; when the load switch is opened, the grounding switch can be closed.

● When the grounding switch is closed, the load switch cannot be closed and the front door panel can be opened; when the grounding switch is opened, the load switch can be opened and closed, but the front door panel cannot be opened.

● When the cable enters through the bottom and the incoming cable is live, no matter the load switch is in the closing or opening position, the electromagnetic lock will lock the front door panel so that it cannot be opened. (Except for emergency unlocking with a special key).

● The load switch adopts linkage protective insulating valve or transparent insulating cover to shield the live contacts and ensure personal safety.

● The switchgear adopts frontal operation and maintenance, and reliable wall installation.

● The front door is equipped with an observation window, which can clearly observe the working conditions of the components in the switchgear.

Application environment

● Ambient temperature: -25℃~+40℃;

● Altitude: ≤1000m;

● Relative humidity: daily average ≤95%, monthly average ≤90%;

● Installation site: no severe vibration and impact, and no fire, chemical corrosion, explosion and other dangers.

Technical data-sheet

HXGN17-12 Series Technical data-sheet

Appearance and mounting dimensions

HXGN17-12 Series Appearance and mounting dimensions

Installation process:

● The foundation channel steel protrudes 1-3mm from the ground, the unevenness should not exceed 1.5mm (within each meter), and should not exceed 5mm (within the full range);

● Place the switchgear on the foundation in order and adjust the installation position. Then fix it with M12 bolts or spot welding, and use M8 bolts to tighten between the cabinet and the cabinet;

● After disassembling the cover to install the main bus and primary cable, the contact surface of the terminal should be cleaned and coated with neutral petroleum jelly. After installation, pay attention to plugging the primary cable hole;

● Connect the grounding bus between the cabinets so that they are integrated along the arrangement direction of the switch cabinets. Check whether the grounding is lacking, whether the grounding loop is continuously conducted, and the grounding resistance is not more than 1Ω;

● Install the secondary cable. The cable is introduced from the bottom of the front of the cabinet, enters the relay room along the side wall, and is tapped on the terminal block; after installation, the cable hole is blocked;

● Clean the dust and sundries in the cabinet.

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