GTXGN-12 Series
Solid-insulated Ring Main Unit Switchgear

GTXGN-12 Series Cover


GTXGN-12 Series Solid-insulated Ring Main Unit Switchgear is a fully insulated, fully sealed, maintenance-free solid-insulated vacuum switchgear, suitable for power systems with a voltage of 12kV (50Hz). GTXGN-12 series has the advantages of simple structure, flexible operation, reliable interlocking, and convenient installation. All the high-voltage live parts of the GTXGN-12 series are molded with epoxy resin material with excellent insulation performance. The vacuum interrupter, the main conductive circuit, and the insulating support are organically combined into a whole. All functional units are connected by a fully insulated busbar. Therefore, the entire switchgear is not affected by the external environment, and the reliability of the operation of the device and the safety of the operator can be ensured. GTXGN-12 series are widely used in industrial and civil cable ring networks and distribution network terminal projects, especially suitable for urban residential power distribution, small substations, switching stations, cable branch boxes, cubical substations, industrial and mining enterprises, shopping malls, airports, subways, wind power generation, hospitals, stadiums, railways, tunnels and other places. Because GTXGN-12 series has the advantages of full insulation, full sealing, full shielding, it is especially suitable for areas with harsh environments such as high altitude, high temperature, damp heat, severe cold, and serious pollution.

How to order

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● Environmental protection: The materials of the switchgear are all non-toxic and harmless environmentally friendly materials, and no toxic and harmful substances will be produced when processing. The materials can be recycled after reaching the end of service life. The sealed cavity of the switchgear is filled with dry nitrogen at zero gauge pressure to replace SF6 gas, one of the six major greenhouse gases.

● Convenient installation and transportation: The switchgear adopts a modular design, which can be combined and expanded randomly according to needs on-site , avoiding the inconvenience of transportation and installation caused by multiple sets of combined cabinets.

● Maintenance-free: Except for the operating mechanism, the high-voltage switch parts of the switchgear are all in a fully sealed state, so that cleaning and maintenance can be avoided, and the cost of operation and maintenance can be reduced.

● Safety: The touchable part is coated with a semiconductor shielding layer, which prevents the occurrence of personal electric shock accidents and improves the safety of use. Perfect interlocking system, and visible three-phase isolation fracture can avoid misoperation accidents.

● Ease of operation: There is only one operating handle for the isolation switch and the grounding switch, so there is no need to identify and worry about operating errors. When the circuit breaker is running, the operating handle of the isolating switch and the grounding switch cannot be operated. The operating procedures are clear at a glance, without the need for complex technical training.

● Intelligent: The switchgear is equipped with intelligent interfaces and installation positions for sensors, which can meet the requirements of the smart grid.

● Operating mechanisms: spring operating mechanisms, and permanent magnet operating mechanisms.

Application environment

● Ambient temperature: -45℃~+45℃;

● Altitude: ≤4000m;

● Relative humidity: daily average ≤95%, monthly average ≤90%;

● Seismic fortification intensity: Ⅷ.

Technical data-sheet

GTXGN-12 Series Technical data-sheet 1

GTXGN-12 Series Technical data-sheet 2

Appearance and mounting dimensions

GTXGN-12 Series Appearance and mounting dimensions

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