DFW-2 Series
Cable Branch Box (EU)

DFW Series European Style Cable Distribution Box Cover


DFW series European Style Cable Distribution Box has significant advantages such as small length, clear cable arrangement, three-core cable, and no need for large span crossing. It is widely used in cable engineering equipment in power distribution network systems. The main feature of the DFW series cable distribution box is the two-way door opening, and the use of butt sleeves as the connection busbar. The cable connector used in the DFW series conforms to the DIN47636 standard, and generally uses a bolt-fixed connection cable connector with a rated current of 630A.

How to order

DFW Series European Style Cable Distribution Box How to order

Application environment

● Ambient temperature: -35℃~+40℃;

● Wind pressure: ≤700Pa (that is, wind speed ≤34m/s);

● Relative humidity: daily average ≤95%, monthly average ≤95%;

● Shockproof level: horizontal acceleration ≤0.4m/s^2, vertical acceleration ≤0.15m/s^2;

● Installation site: the surrounding air should not be obviously polluted by corrosive, flammable gas, water vapor, etc., the installation site should be free from severe vibration, and the inclination of the site should not be greater than 3°;

● Note: If the actual application environment cannot meet the above requirements, please contact us.

Technical data-sheet

DFW Series European Style Cable Distribution Box Technical data-sheet

Wiring Diagram

DFW Series European Style Cable Distribution Box Wiring Diagram

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