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DBX Series
Electric Energy Metering Cabinet

DBX Series Electric Energy Metering Cabinet


DBX Series Electric Energy Metering Cabinet is suitable (also known as meter box, or metering box) for a power grid system (three-phase five-wire) with a voltage of 220VAC (50Hz). As a device for measuring electrical energy, DBX series meets the GB7251.3 standard. The doors of DBX series are equipped with lead-sealed posts, and the small doors are equipped with observation windows to facilitate observation and management. The surface coating of DBX series adopts plastic spraying process, and the surface color can be customized.

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Basic Parameters

Rated insulation voltage: 500V

Rated operating voltage (main circuit): 200V

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Maximum allowable current (single-phase watt-hour meter): 40A

Rated short-time withstand current: 4.5/6KA

Application Environment

Ambient temperature: -5℃~+40℃, the average value of 24h does not exceed +35℃

Altitude: ≤2000m

Relative humidity: monthly average ≤90% (the average temperature of the month is +25℃); relative humidity ≤50% (when the ambient temperature is +40℃). The relative humidity is related to the ambient temperature. The lower the ambient temperature, the higher the allowable relative humidity. For condensation caused by temperature changes, take appropriate protective measures (such as adding drainage holes).

Installation site: no severe impact, no serious pollution and chemical corrosion, no conductive dust or explosion hazard. And the vertical inclination of the circuit breaker cannot exceed 5°.

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